Connoisseur's Selection



A selection of the finest award-winning cheeses Britain has to offer. The selection contains:

  • St. Giles Organic Cows Milk Cheese (approx 200g)
  • Lord London (approx 450g)
  • Isle of Wight Blue (approx 200g)
  • Lincolnshire Poacher (approx 200g)

Further Product Information

St. Giles Organic Cows Milk Cheese: Best English & Best British Cheese at The World Cheese Awards 2009. Made with pasteurised Organic Cows' milk from the cows on the farm, St Giles is a continental style semi soft creamy cheese similar to the Saint Paulin style cheese found in France. It has a rich buttery texture and a creamy mild flavour. The fantastic colouring comes from the stunning edible orange rind which is made from organic carrot. 

Lord London: This unique bell shaped cows' cheese is a semi-soft, clean citrus tasting cheese with a natural creaminess.  It has an edible skin with a light dusting.  Perfect with a glass of Prosecco, eat this one straight from the fridge.  This cheese is developing brilliantly under the skillful hands of Arthur Alsop & Nick Walker, having won a bronze medal at the 2010 World Cheese Awards while still in the development stage.

Isle of Wight Blue Cheese: Winner of Best English Cheese at the World Cheese Awards 2007 & 3* Gold Award Winner at the Great Taste Awards. Made by Rich Hodgson on The Isle of Wight this naturally rinded soft blue cheese is made by hand with pasteurised Guernsey cows' milk from the herd grazing around the Queen Bower Dairy capturing the flavour of the Arreton Valley. It is blue veined and sold at 4-5 weeks. Simply outstanding! 

Lincolnshire Poacher: Best Modern British Cheese at the 2009 British Cheese Awards & Best British Cheese at the World Cheese Awards in 2001. This strong firm cheddar-like cheese is made from their own unpasteurised milk and is matured for between 14-16 months. It has a distinctive fruity nutty flavour and clean sweet finish. 

*Please note the slate board is for presentation purposes only and does not form part of the selection.

Key Facts

  • St Giles:Made from pasteurised milk and suitable for vegetarians
  • Lord London Cheese - Semi Soft Cows Milk Cheese
  • Isle of Wight Blue Cheese: Made with pasteurised cows' milk and suitable for vegetarians
  • Lincolnshire Poacher: Made with unpasteurised milk and traditional rennet.


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